Air Fryer Not Turning On? (7 Common Reasons + Fixes)

Air fryers have become a kitchen staple in many modern homes, offering a quick and easy way to cook healthier, lower-fat meals. Unfortunately, like any other appliance, air fryers are prone to issues.

If you’ve recently encountered an air fryer not turning on, don’t stress! This article will provide a troubleshooting guide to identify some of the common reasons why the air fryer is not turning on and how you can fix the issue.

Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why your air fryer may not be turning on and how you can fix it! 

1. The Air Fryer Is Not Plugged In

air fryer not plugged in

This may sound incredibly obvious and even a little patronizing, but have you made sure that your air fryer is adequately plugged into the wall socket? I surely have forgotten to plug in some of my kitchen appliances once in a while.

Check not only that the plug is inserted into the socket but also that it is plugged in sufficiently and that it is not loose.

Once you have checked that the plug is inserted fully into the wall, try again to turn the air fryer on. If it does not work after that, try another plug socket and again try turning the appliance on.

If it still does not activate, then it is very likely that the issue is down to some other error.

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2. Your Sockets Are Off Or Faulty

Turning on the air fryer from the wall socket

Another quite obvious reason why your air fryer might not be turning on is that your kitchen plug socket itself is turned off or faulty. The best way to check would be to try plugging another device into the same sockets and see if it works.

If there are multiple electric sockets in your kitchen, try to plug the air fryer and other appliances into different sockets to determine if it is just one or all the sockets that are not working.

If non of the devices you tried does not turn on in any of the sockets in your kitchen, then it is very likely that the culprit is a tripped breaker, and the circuit breaker might need to be reset.

If you find that your sockets or breaker are at fault and a simple reset won’t fix it, then you will want to make sure to contact your local electrician to have the issue resolved.

However, if you are sure that there is power in the socket, but your air fryer is not turning on, then it is fair to say that the issue is localized entirely within the air fryer itself.

3. Faulty Air Fryer Cable

air fryer power cable is broken

One very common cause of the air fryer not powering up is that the cable has become damaged.

Damaged cables are more common than you may expect, as, over time, wear and tear and bending and stretching of the wire will begin to slowly cause the cable to break, causing a core rupture.

A core rupture is the failure of the cable’s electrical conductivity because of broken copper wires inside the cable. This will naturally occur as the wire is bent and twisted around, especially as you plug and unplug the unit and as you store it away between uses. 

To make sure that it is not the air fryer’s cable that is causing the fault, check all across the length of the cable to see if there are any visible signs of damage, broken cable, or a spot where the cable has been consciously bent.

Make sure also to check where the cable meets the plug head, as that is where much damage frequently occurs. Check for signs that the plastic around the wire is coming loose, and also carefully check to make sure that the wires connecting to the plug itself are not wobbly or loose.

If you do find that the cable is damaged, then it is most likely the cause of your air fryer not turning on.

Unless it is a removable cable, then fixing or replacing a faulty cable on an air fryer is easier said than done when it is connected directly to the unit itself.

I recommend getting in contact with a technician or the manufacturer to see if they can replace the cable for you, as it would be tricky or unsafe to do it yourself. 

4. Blown Plug Fuse

blown air fryer plug fuse

A blown electrical plug fuse is another very common reason why an air fryer won’t turn on. The fuse within the plug is designed to melt and interrupt the circuit in the plug if it ever becomes overpowered. This is a safety measure to keep the air fryer from overloading and becoming damaged.

To check if the fuse has blown, pop off the fuse cover with a small flathead screwdriver, or sometimes you need to unscrew the cover of the plug and remove it. Examine the fuse, and if you see scorch marks and burning signs on the fuse, it means it is blown and should be changed.

If you don’t have the exact same fuse or you find the whole process bit difficult, I recommend contacting a technician to resolve the issue for you and to have them replace the fuse.

5. Out-Of-Place Air Fryer Basket

air fryer basket is not closed properly

In the interest of safety, air fryers will not activate until they have detected that the frying basket is not inserted properly. This not includes the main cooking basket but all the removable parts. If the basket is not inserted all the way, then the air fryer will not start frying to prevent any heat from escaping. 

Ensure that you are able to insert the basket or close the door fully every single time you use it.

If you are ever having trouble sliding the basket into the perfect position, you will want to check inside the air fryer to make sure that nothing is blocking the basket from entering. Make sure that there is not too much food in the basket, and check for debris from food that may have fallen inside the air fryer.

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6. Air Fryer Don’t Have Light Up Display

analog air fryer vs digital

Not all air fryers have a light-up digital display. Therefore, when plugging in a new appliance, users may be unaware of its operational status due to the absence of visual confirmation.

This means that without a light-up digital display, there will be no indication for the user to ascertain whether the appliance is on or off. Consequently, this can lead to confusion and thinking that the air fryer is not on.

If you have a basic analog model without just simple manual dial controls, to turn it on, you need to make sure the gadget is plugged into the wall; the basket or drawer is inserted all the way, and once you have chosen the temperature and cooking time, the air fryer will start cooking.

If not, check the other troubleshooting steps on this list.

7. Faulty Parts Inside The Air Fryer

broken air fryer

If you have gone through all of the above troubleshooting and fixes, and the air fryer will still not turn on, then it is very likely that there is a fault in your air fryer’s internal components. This could include wiring problems, circuit board damage, or faulty parts inside the device.

Try contacting the store you purchased the product from or even the manufacturer of the product. They can likely point you in the right direction, either toward a fix or a replacement.

When it comes to attempting to tinker inside your air fryer, it is essential to contact the manufacturer or the store before diving in. Without proper guidance, you can end up damaging your device even more and having to buy a new one.

Not only that, but some air fryers come with warranties that may be voided if an unauthorized person makes any modifications.

Before attempting any kind of tinkering or repair on your own, make sure you check with the manufacturer or store to see if they can help you out first.

Many times they will have a customer service line that you can call directly for assistance or recommend an authorized technician who can help with repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

air fryer troubleshooting

Why does my air fryer keep turning off?

If your air fryer turns on but shuts off unexpectedly, the first thing to do is make sure it isn’t overheating due to too much food in the basket. Another possible reason for the unexpected shut-off is that you have not selected the program, or the basket is not inserted properly. Check if any error codes are displaying for troubleshooting help from the manufacturer’s instructions.

Can you reset the air fryer?

The easiest way to reset your air fryer is by unplugging it from the wall outlet for 10-20 seconds and then plugging it back in again. This should stop any error messages or flashing lights on your appliance. If this doesn’t work, check your user manual for further instructions on how to do a hard reset of your air fryer.

How long do air fryers last?

The lifespan of an air fryer is largely dependent on the care that it receives. If it is regularly used and cleaned properly, an air fryer can last anywhere between two to three years. To ensure an air fryer’s longevity, consider following a few easy steps, such as not overfilling the basket with food, cleaning the appliance after each use, and allowing it time to cool before storing it away.

How do you turn on an air fryer?

To begin, make sure all the parts of your air fryer are correctly assembled. Place the basket inside the unit, then plug it into a power outlet and switch it on. Depending on the type of air fryer you have, there will be either a digital control panel or mechanical knobs that can be used to adjust settings such as temperature and cooking time. Once these are set accordingly, press the start button to start cooking.

In Conclusion

Despite a few malfunctions sometimes, an air fryer is still a sturdy and reliable appliance to have in the kitchen that can make all sorts of delicious recipes.

However, the variety of models and brands can vary, making it important to check the manual that came with the appliance for troubleshooting any issues. Popular models like Ninja, Breville, Cosori, Cuisinart, Instant Vortex Plus, PowerXL, and Tower have very practical and detailed user manuals.

With proper use, air fryers are sure to be reliable and last a long time. Ultimately, choosing the best air fryer model is essential for achieving the best, trouble-free results when cooking.

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