9 Easy Ways How To Make Scrambled Eggs Fluffy (Plus Recipe)

One of the easiest breakfast foods to make is scrambled eggs. They are delicious, nutritious, and can be customized to your liking. But sometimes, they can be a bit dry and heavy.

Here are a few clever tips on how to get scrambled eggs fluffy, moist, creamy, and soft just the way you like them.

1. Add A Tablespoons Of Heavy Cream

scrambled eggs with heavy cream

One of the most common ways many people make scrambled eggs is by adding milk to them. However, adding milk to scrambled eggs actually dilutes the taste and waters them down. 

The best way to make scrambled eggs fluffy and rich is by adding a tablespoon of heavy cream or whipping cream; anything with 30% or more fat content is great.

Use one tablespoon of cream for each egg.

2. Whisk The Eggs Before Adding Them To The Pan 

whisking the egg

Although adding heavy cream can make your scrambled eggs smoother, the true secret to fluffing them up is ‘air.’ The same logic applies to baking, only this time, it goes to your breakfast.

Using a whisk or a fork, thoroughly whip the eggs before pouring the beaten mixture into the pan or pot. There is no need to over-beat them; just make sure you break the yolk and incorporate it into the whites until slightly foamy. 

A foamy egg mixture equals large air pockets and increased volume, which is important for achieving soft and fluffy scrambled eggs.

3. Don’t Add Salt At The Start—Wait Until The End

seasoning scrambled eggs

Acclaimed chef and Michelin Star holder extraordinaire Gordon Ramsay has a distinctive and peculiar method for making scrambled eggs. However, you don’t need to worry if you don’t have Crème Fraiche, as he has a tip that everyone at home can follow—never add salt at the start of the process. 

Ramsay explains that adding Kosher salt when the eggs are still raw breaks them down and makes them watery, making it impossible to have creamy, fluffy scrambled eggs.

According to chef Ramsay, the perfect moment to season the eggs is when they are nearly done—already structured and cooked but still in need of some extra folding.

4. Don’t Forget The Butter

butter in scrambled eggs

One of the hidden keys to a perfect scrambled egg preparation is the butter—too little, and your meal lacks flavor and depth. Still, if you add too much, it turns greasy and overwhelming. 

Scrambled eggs need a type of fat to cook in, and butter is by far the most indulgent of the bunch. It adds a glossy, luxurious finish and a slight flavor touch that elevates the preparation to the next level. 

When it comes to methods, there are plenty of options—some chefs prefer to beat the eggs alongside the butter. Others opt to use clarified butter in the pan until it slightly bubbles and then incorporate the eggs. Finally, some believe incorporating the butter near the end adds a luxurious shine. 

In my experience, all three methods are valid, as long as the butter coats every fold of scrambled eggs.

5. Use A Rubber Spatula

using rubber spatula to make scramble eggs fluffy

Although it may be tempting to make your scrambled eggs with any kitchen implement you have handy, next time, give a rubber spatula or silicone spatula a try. 

The difference is that rubber or silicone spatulas allow a perfect scrape to ensure the egg mixture is distributed and folded evenly. This, in turn, prevents segments from overcooking, burning, or sticking to the pan. 

More stirring guarantees fluffier eggs that cook evenly. But keep in mind that not all stirring is equal, and there’s a technique to use the rubber spatula, which I will talk about next. 

6. Fold From The Outside Towards The Center

Folding scrambled eggs

The most reliable method for getting fluffy and creamy scrambled eggs lies in the technique. It manipulates the shape and form that the eggs take once they are set with heat. 

One tried-and-true trick relies on the rubber spatula and non-stick pan. When the eggs start to set slightly, use the spatula to trace lines from the edges of the pan toward the center. 

Doing so repeatedly across the pan’s surface will push thin ribbons of the slightly cooked egg toward the center, gathering together and creating volume and softness. Each egg fold brings extra fluffiness, resulting in substantial yet gentle scrambled eggs.

7. Cook On Low Heat

scrambled eggs cooked slowly

When making fluffy scrambled eggs, the right temperature is essential. Eggs are sensitive to temperature changes, so they are particularly prone to overcooking, transforming the texture from glossy and soft to rubbery and chewy. 

That is why there is no hurrying the preparation of scrambled eggs—they require low-medium heat to cook, which takes some time. If your patience cracks and you turn up the heat, you risk transforming your breakfast into carbon or turning your eggs from soft and glossy to dry and stiff. 

Of course, it can be rather hard to control the precise amount of heat on some stovetop, which is why the next tip might be a problem solver.

8. Remove Eggs From The Stove Before They’re Done

perfectly cooked fluffy scrambled eggs

Another pro piece of advice to prevent disaster from striking your scrambled eggs is to remove your pan from the heat while the eggs are still slightly runny and a bit undercooked. This is because the pan holds leftover heat, which is enough to keep your eggs cooking—without the need for direct heat from the stove, therefore preventing burning from ever happening. 

Naturally, the tricky aspect of this technique is learning when it’s the proper time to remove the eggs from the stove, which depends on your preferences. Just remember, when you think the eggs are done, serve them immediately—in the pan, they’ll continue to cook! 

9. Use High-Quality Eggs

choosing the best eggs

At the end of the day, scrambled eggs are just that—eggs. And as an egg dish, the quality of the eggs can significantly improve the taste and texture. 

Fresh eggs of higher quality make a difference. For starters, they foam much better and carry a deeper flavor, which translates into more airy, fluffier preparations with a delicious taste. In such cases, you might not even need to add cream to enrich the texture, as it will naturally boast a creamier finish. 

To sum up, get quality eggs from a happy hen, but let’s find which hens are the happiest so that you can get the best quality eggs. Read my latest post here: Which Eggs Are The Healthiest – Buying Guide.

Try This Perfectly Fluffy Scrambled Eggs Recipe

So, let’s put all the tips I covered above into one easy-to-follow fluffy scrambled eggs recipe below.

Best Simple Fluffy Scrambled Eggs Recipe

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Are you in the mood for some fluffy scrambled eggs? If so, you’re in luck! This is the best simple recipe for fluffy scrambled eggs that you’ll ever find. Just follow the instructions below, and you’ll be enjoying delicious, fluffy scrambled eggs in no time.

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  • 3 medium-large eggs.

  • 1 tablespoon of heavy cream.

  • 1 tablespoon of butter.

  • Kosher salt and white or black pepper, to taste.


  • Crack all the eggs into a bowl.
  • Add one tablespoon of cream.
  • Using a whisk, give the eggs and cream a good mix.
  • Melt the butter in a pan over low-medium heat. 
  • Pour the egg mixture into the pan.
  • Let it cook for five seconds, undisturbed.
  • Using a rubber spatula, start pulling the eggs from outside to the middle, forming large curds of scrambled eggs.
  • Keep cooking over low-medium heat, folding the eggs every 2-3 seconds. 
  • Scrambled eggs are done when the eggs are not liquidy but still a little moist. 
  • Remove from heat, and season with pepper and salt.

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  • Don’t forget to follow the tips above the recipe for how to get scrambled eggs fluffy, moist, creamy, and soft.

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In Summary:

It is super easy to make scrambled eggs fluffy. By following these tips, you can make your eggs light and airy without putting in much effort. Give them a try the next time you’re in the kitchen!

  1. Add A Tablespoons Of Heavy Cream
  2. Whisk The Eggs Before Adding Them To The Pan
  3. Don’t Add Salt At The Start—Wait Until The End
  4. Don’t Forget The Butter
  5. Use A Rubber Spatula
  6. Fold From The Outside Towards The Center
  7. Cook On Low Heat
  8. Remove Eggs From The Stove Before They’re Done
  9. Use High-Quality Eggs
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