How To Make Your Own Herbal Capsules At Home – Quick And Easy

By Jen Evansy / March 23, 2020

Your diet and fitness regime is not complete without the inclusion of ready-to-consume herbal supplements. The downside to buying pre-made ones is the uncertainty of their ingredients and freshness. Making your own capsules allows you to control the content and the potency.

homemade herbal capsules

There is a world of supplements available in health stores and supermarkets. Like many of us, I used to spend considerable money on these supplements every month.

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68 percent of U.S. adults take herbal and other dietary supplements on a regular basis.

Now, If I tell you that you can make your own supplement pills at home and at a fraction of the cost, will you believe me?

As I discovered recently, you can easily make your own supplements at home using some of my favorite herbal superfood powders. Or you can really choose any capsule filling of your choice.

Quick And Easy Steps On How To Make Herbal Capsules At Home:

  1. Get the gelatin or vegetarian capsules in the size of your choice.
  2. Choose and mix your herbal powders according to your recipe.
  3. Fill the empty capsules with your herbal mixture using an encapsulation machine.
  4. Close the capsules by putting the tops on the filled bases.
  5. Put your finished supplements in glass jars or an empty plastic bottle.

That is how easy it is to make your own herbal capsules.

Below I will cover each step in more detail, and you can also watch the step by step video on how to use the encapsulation machine. 

This method really makes the processes so fast and easy as filling them by hand and scooping the herbal powder into the capsule would takes so much more time and patients. This is the easiest and mess-free way to do it.

homemade supplements

You can mix and match different herbs like turmeric and spirulina or choose powders according to your needs.

Why Should You Make Your Own Supplements?

There are various reasons why you may want to make your own herbal capsules, here are some of mine:

  • I can prepare the dosage as I want it. If you think that the full dose of your favorite supplement is a bit too much or too little for your body, you can make a smaller or larger dose of the same. 
  • I didn't want to spend so much money on my supplements every month. These companies make you pay not just for the supplement, but also for the fancy packaging, advertising, and several other things.
  • As I started making my own supplements, I realized how much money I was actually saving, especially if you take supplements regularly, you will save a lot.
  • It is so much fun. Just try doing it once, and you will surely love it.
  • And last but not least, I wanted a convenient and unmessy way to take my superfoods when I was on the move, and making my own capsules was a perfect solution.

To increase profits, many supplement makers stuff their products with cheap filler ingredients to add bulk to items and make them more visually appealing. Make your own supplements, so you know exactly what goes in them.

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Great capsule fillers

Healthy food powders make a perfect ingredient for your DIY supplement capsules.

This method is giving you the power to make your own supplements from the comfort of your own home and will save you time & money. Allowing you to buy vitamin, herb & supplement powders for a cheaper price and create 100 custom #supplements within minutes.

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Here is a simple tutorial on how to blend superfood powders and make your own herbal capsules.

What You Will Need To Get Started?

1. Capsule Filling Machine


2. Filling Powders of Your Choice

Superfood Powders That Are Great For Making Your Own Supplements
Check the selection of powders here >>>

3. Small and Medium Prep Bowls


4. Sifter


5. Empty Capsules


Selecting A Right Capsule Type And Size

Remember, your encapsulation machine can hold capsules of a specific size, so order accordingly. Most widely used capsules are made from gelatin that are more commonly known as softgels.

There are also veggie capsules, these are also called veggie-caps, and these are made for vegetarian consumption.

Most filling devices take either size "00" that holds approximately 735 mg. or size "0" that holds about 500 mg.

There are also a size "000" capsules that hold about 1000 mg. and size #1 capsules that hold about 400 mg.

Check out a selection of different size capsules here.

How To Fill Capsules With Powder?

Step 1: Choose Your Supplement Powders And The Desired Quantity of Each

Start by determining what ingredients you want use and the desired amount of each. There are two sizes of capsules. The “00” size can hold approximately 735mg of the powder and, “0” can hold about 500mg.

You will have to choose the capsule size based on the machine you have or vice versa.

The most filling device can hold 24 capsules at a time.

supplement powders

To fill your capsules, you can use fresh and high-quality powders like herb, protein, amino acid, superfood powders, and so on.

Step 2: Setting Up The Capsule Filling Machine

Setting up the encapsulation machine is no rocket science. It may look a little too technical at first glance, but once you get the hang of it, you will find it fun.

So, start with assembling the capsule as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Place all the plates on a flat bowl or plate. Place a towel underneath to gather whatever powder that will spill over. Put the base on the stand.  

Now, separate all the empty capsules and place the caps and bases in the holes of the filler device. The easiest way to find out if you have missed any holes is by holding the cover blocks and the base at an angle. You will see glare, and that is how you can easily make out if you have missed any hole. An even easier way is to use colored capsules.

It is important to ensure that all the bases fit well into the holes completely. You can run your finger over the surface to see if the capsules are sticking up above the surface. If there are any, gently press them down.

supplement capsule filling machine

Step 3: Mix Your Ingredients

Empty your ingredients into a small bowl and stir the ingredients together. Make sure all the fans in the room are switched off because some herbal powders are very light, and even a mild draft or breeze can disturb them. I learned that the hard way, unfortunately. So, pour the ingredients into the bowl very carefully.

Making supplements

Step 4: Sift The Powders Together

You need to make sure that you have a uniform mixture, so sift all the ingredients. Even if you only use a single ingredient, as I mostly do for each batch of my supplements, it is still a good idea to ensure that there are no clumps in your powder.

If you are using multiple ingredients, then sifting would help them to blend evenly and ensure that each capsule will receive the same amount of each ingredient. Depending on what ingredients you are using, you may have to blend them multiple times to get a uniform mixture.

Making supplements at home

When ingredients are sifted together, this helps to combine the powders evenly before you fill the capsules.

Step 5: Filling The Capsules

Now the fun begins. It’s time to pour your mix of ingredients over the capsules. Once you have done it, use the spreading tool (it looks like a spatula) to distribute the powder evenly to fill all the capsules. At this stage, remove all the excess powder. There is a small opening at one corner to remove the excess powder.

Now, use the tamping tool to compact the ingredients. You will have to repeat the process: add powder, spread it, and tamp it until all bases are completely filled. You may have to repeat the process thrice or four times.

Step 6: Assembling The Capsules

After you are done filling the bases, take the base block off the stand and put the cover block over it. The capsule caps should be facing their respective bases. Now press the cover block carefully so that the top and the bottom part of the capsule fit together nicely.

When you are done, the capsules will be in the cover block. To make sure that each one of them is nicely closed, pop them out into a tray and check each one of them individually. This is extremely important if you intend to travel with them.

Woman holding a supplement capsule

Step 7: Your DIY Supplements Are Ready To Be Popped

Rejoice! You have made your very own herbal supplements and at a fraction of cost. You know what is in there and how much of it. These supplements are made exactly as per your requirements, so you get the most out of it.

The satisfaction that you achieve by making your own supplements is unmatched, and the whole experience is fun and fulfilling, I just love it.

Step 8: Store The Capsules

Store these capsules in a clean and dry airtight container. Keep it away from direct heat and moisture.

Step By Step Video How to Use A Capsule Filling Machine

Below You Can See How a Manual Encapsulation Machine Works.

The working principle of most manual fillers is the same. Making your own supplement with this capsule filling machine involves only a few easy steps that anyone can master easily in a short period of time. There is a good selection of these machines available here at Amazon.

Let me know how did you get on making your own herbal pills or share some of your interesting and effective supplement recipes.

Also, if you need more instructions or have any questions about the whole process, do not hesitate to post in the comment section below.

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  • Vanmakkavells says:

    Such a clever little idea, I like the fact that I would know exactly what goes into my supplements. However, I have a feeling that the prosses itself could be quite messy, might take a lot of time to clean up afterwards.

  • rachid rahim says:

    There are supplement trends that we’re definitely wasting our money on and maybe even putting our health at risk by taking them. I think that the best way to get the nutrients that our bodies needs is to eat fruits, vegetables, legumes, some grains, and fish or meat, health is not a game.

  • Catherine John says:

    That is absolutely great, I didn’t realize it would be so simple to make my own supplements. I always thought that I need some sort of big industrial style machinery to press my supplements together and so on. I wish you would have posted this before, like years ago, you could have saved me so much money. I ordered the capsule filler that you suggested, can’t wait to get it. Going to order some superfood powders also now. That is going to be my early Christmas present for me 🙂

  • That is going to change my life, I am already imagining selling my own supplements 🙂 Could you guys post what sort of ingredients you are using and in quantities. Or is there any place I could find some supplement recipes or something?

  • mohamed says:

    I just copy what other people have done.

  • Arjun Nikam says:

    I think that the best way to get the nutrients that our bodies needs are to eat fruits, vegetables, legumes, some grains, and fish or meat, health is not a game.

  • antonio says:

    This is a great idea indeed, I also didn’t know that supplements could be created as easy as this, I will definitely try this thing out. I am going to experiment with my pre-workout, will put it in the capsules so it would be easier to take. I got some other great ideas now what I am going to capsule up.

  • Thank you. I was looking for an article about how to make my own supplements and this was really helpful! #problemsolved 🙂

  • moath says:

    That’s an interesting idea, I did start working out a bit and I got some supplements for the first time this month, and they cost a lot indeed. I am for everything that saves me some money, I will be sure to add this article to my bookmarks!

  • Jennifer says:

    Love this also, I thought I needed some industrial style machinery to make my own supplements. Thank you.

  • Barbara says:

    This seems like a good idea for anyone who needs a very specific diet regimen or plan. But in all honesty, the average person probably doesn’t have to go through all that work making their own supplements.

  • Linda P says:

    I have attempted making my own vitamins in the past but I struggle with finding what I specifically want. Vitamin C being a big one. Good thing vitamin C tablets are pretty cheap anyways. I also like maca root but there is no extra strength power available so I have to get the capsules.

  • Maria says:

    Oh man! This is such a curious idea. I’m not sure about investing in the equipment without knowing I’ll use it all the time, but it’s interesting! Especially since there’s a particularly expensive supplement I like to take that I feel like this would be perfect for! I’m gonna do some research and see if it would be less expensive to take it this way.

  • Karen54 says:

    I had never even thought about doing something like this! Fascinating!

    This might be the answer to my not-being-able-to-eat-enough-tumeric problem. I may give a try to the tumeric powder in your other article and combine it with this – that seems like it would be cheaper than some of the others that I’ve looked up. Thanks so much for the tip!

  • Bojan33 says:

    Yes, in theory, it is a great idea, but finding the ingredients might be a bit problematic. especially if you want to go fully organic. But a great idea nonetheless.

  • Tony says:

    Thanks for the step by step explanation, it was really helpful 🙂

  • Lucina44 says:

    Hey, thank you very much for the tutorial, I filled my first patch of capsules today, I made turmeric and black pepper mix for easy absorption. I love it, can’t taste a thing, easy to swallow 🙂

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    I have watched the Keto report. I do not think it will provide any wonder for taking up more fat and less carp. As many negative impacts may arise, unless one wishes to take the risk on their health and wellbeing, on the safe side, one shall consider other diets and weight loss plans.

  • I can see how making your own supplements save money, and I like the fact I would know exactly what goes in them! I will buy the capsule filler, it is cheap enough to give it a try.

  • Steve T says:

    This is such a great idea! Buying supplements can get really expensive. Anyone who has been to Holland and Barrett knows what I am talking about. I could actually get most of the stuff I need form Amazon but even that is not so cheap. And to be honest, I had no idea making your own was so easy. Thanks for explaining it step by step, I’m gonna buy this capsule filling machine and try this next weekend. It would be awesome to see people post more recipes here what they have done!

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