Best Stuffed Potato Cheese Bread – Loaded With Cheesy Goodness

This loaded potato cheese bread is not just your ordinary loaf. This gem combines the fluffiness of freshly baked bread with the creaminess of mashed potatoes and the melt-in-your-mouth magic of gooey melted cheese. Think of it as the ultimate comfort food fusion: a bakery classic meets hearty potato gratin vibes.

potato cheese bread

If you’re a fan of cheesy delights, warm baked goods, or just warm stuffed bread that makes your heart happy, then this recipe is going to be your next kitchen adventure.

Ready to dive into this doughy, cheesy, potato-filled bread? Let’s get started!

Ingredients You Will Need For This Potato Cheese Bread:

potato cheese bread ingredients


  1. 200g Bread Flour: I like to use bread flour because it has a higher protein content than all-purpose flour, which results in chewier bread.
  2. 1 Room Temperature Egg: Gives richness and color to the bread. Having it at room temperature ensures even mixing.
  3. 80ml Warm Milk: Lukewarm milk really helps activate the yeast faster.
  4. 4g Instant Dry Yeast (about 1 big tsp): Make sure your yeast is not expired for the best rise.
  5. 20g Sugar (2 tbsp): I like to add a bit of sugar just for a hint of sweetness and feed the yeast.
  6. 3g Salt (about 1 flat tsp): Try not to add it directly to the yeast; it can hinder yeast activity.
  7. 30g Melted Unsalted Butter (about 5 tbsp): If you use salted butter, then leave out the salt.

Potato Filling:

  1. 2 Potatoes, medius size: These form the base of our filling. Choose starchy potatoes for creaminess. I like to use Yukon Gold.
  2. 3 pinches of Salt: To season the potatoes. Adjust to your taste.
  3. A dash of Pepper: Adds a hint of spice.
  4. 40g Heavy Cream (or milk, about 4~5 tbsp): For creaminess. Heavy cream makes it richer, but milk is a lighter alternative. Souercream works as well.
  5. 140g Mozzarella Cheese: I recommend using aged mozzarella cheese instead of fresh mozzarella, as it has a lower moisture content and melts beautifully without making your bread soggy so that you will get that melty and stretchy, perfect for that gooey effect.


  1. Milk: Used for brushing before baking, for a golden crust.
  2. 2 tbsp Melted Unsalted Butter: Brushed after baking for a glossy finish and added some buttery flavor.
  3. Parsley (optional): For garnish and a pop of color.

Let’s Make This Potato Cheese Bread

Making the Dough

Step 1. Begin by mixing together the egg and lukewarm milk in a large bowl. The warmth of the milk will ensure our yeast activates properly.

egg and lukewarm milk in a large bowl.

Step 2. Add the instant dry yeast and granulated sugar to this mixture. Give it a gentle stir, ensuring the yeast is fully dissolved.

Adding the instant dry yeast to the bread dough
adding the sugar to the dough

Step 3. Pour in the bread flour and salt, mixing everything together until a dough starts to form. Using your hands at this point makes the process much more tactile and enjoyable!

mixing in the bread flour

Step 4. Add the melted unsalted butter to the dough. Make sure the butter cooled a bit so it doesn’t deactivate our yeast. Mix it in well, and you’ll notice your dough becoming soft and supple.

Adding the melted unsalted butter to the dough

Note: If you’re a visual learner like me, check out the video recipe below in the recipe card to get a clearer picture of this process!

Letting the Dough Rise

Step 5. Once your dough is done, cover it with cling wrap or a kitchen towel and set it aside in a warm spot. Let it rise for an hour, or until it has doubled in size.

letting the dough rise

Preparing the Potato Filling

Step 6. As our dough rises, it’s the perfect time to prepare our potato filling. Mash the boiled potatoes until smooth, then season with salt and pepper for taste. The creaminess of this filling is quite important for our potato cheese bread.

mashing potatoes for the bread filling

Step 7. Stir in the heavy cream until well combined. You should get a silky, smooth, and creamy potato filling!

mixing in the heavy cream into the mashed potato filling

Bringing it All Together

Step 8. Once your dough has risen, place it on a floured surface. Cut the dough in half, and roll each half into a flat, round shape.

dividing the dough into two parts
rolling the dough into a flat circle

Step 9. Carefully place one dough circle onto a parchment paper-covered baking tray.

placing the dough onto a baking tray

Evenly spread your creamy potato filling over this circle, leaving a small border around the edges.

spreading the creamy potato filling on the dough

Generously sprinkle the grated mozzarella cheese all over.

sprinkling the cheese on top of the potato filling

Step 10. Now, place the second dough circle on top, so that it will align with the base.

placing the second dough circle on top

Press down the edges and fold the edges under the dough, sealing in all the potato and cheese filling.

pressing down the edges of the dough

Step 11. Cover this potato cheese bread with a kitchen towel and let it rise again, this time for about 20 minutes.

Step 12. Just before baking, brush the surface with some milk. This will give your bread a golden-brown hue when baked.

brushing the bread with milk wash before baking

Step 13. If you’re a cheese lover like me, here’s where you can take it up a notch. Create a few small holes on the surface of the bread and tuck in some additional cheese pieces. These cheesy pockets will be a delightful surprise!

poking some holes in the bread dough and stuffing with a cheese

Step 14. Bake the bread in a preheated oven at 160°C or 320°F for 30 minutes.

cheesy potato bread in the oven

Final Touches

Step 15. Once out of the oven, brush the potato cheese bread with some additional melted butter.

brushing the baked bread with melted butter

Sprinkle the bread with some parsley. It adds a touch of freshness and a beautiful color contrast.

sprinkling some parsley on top of the bread

Dive in while the potato cheese bread is still warm. Trust me, the combination of soft bread, creamy potatoes, and gooey cheese is an experience you won’t forget!

a slice of warm cheese potato bread

Customization Ideas For Potato Cheese Bread

Diving into the world of baking can be such an adventure, especially when you start experimenting and making a recipe truly your own.

If you’re looking to give your potato cheese bread a unique twist, here are some ideas to inspire your culinary creativity:

adding cheese and herbs
  1. Cheese Varieties:
    • Swiss or Gruyère: These cheeses offer a nutty taste that would complement the potatoes beautifully.
    • Feta or Goat Cheese: For those who enjoy a tangy kick.
    • Cheddar: If you love a rich, sharp flavor, a mature cheddar can be a delightful choice.
  2. Herbs and Spices:
    • Rosemary or Thyme: These herbs can add an aromatic quality that pairs wonderfully with potatoes.
    • Garlic Powder or Minced Garlic: For a savory touch.
    • Red Pepper Flakes: If you’re in the mood for a little heat.
  3. Vegetables and Fillings:
    • Caramelized Onions: Their sweet and savory profile can add a layer of depth to your bread.
    • Bacon Bits or Pancetta: For a smoky flavor and some crunch.
  4. Potato Substitutes:
    • Sweet Potatoes: They bring a subtle sweetness and a lovely orange hue.
    • Butternut Squash or Pumpkin: These can be delightful in the fall season.
  5. Dough Variations:
    • Whole Wheat Flour: If you prefer a denser, nuttier bread.
    • Gluten-Free Flour: For those with gluten sensitivities or preferences.
  6. Toppings:
    • Sesame or Poppy Seeds: For a nice crunch on top.
    • Everything Bagel Seasoning: A trendy and flavorful option to sprinkle on before baking.

Remember, the beauty of baking is in the journey of discovering what flavors and textures resonate with you. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the perfect combination that makes your potato cheese bread an unforgettable treat!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. My cheese didn’t melt uniformly. Any tips? Ensure that the cheese is grated or sliced uniformly and is evenly distributed throughout the bread. Room-temperature cheese melts more consistently.

2. Can I use regular all-purpose flour instead of bread flour? Yes, but the texture might be slightly different. Bread flour has more protein, leading to a chewier and more elastic bread. All-purpose flour will make your bread a bit softer.

3. The bread is done, but the cheese isn’t gooey. Why? Different cheeses have varying melting points. Next time, you might want to choose a cheese that melts easily.

4. Why did my potato filling turn out too watery? Different potato varieties have varying moisture content. Make sure you mash the potatoes well and allow any excess moisture to evaporate.

5. The potato filling leaked out during baking. What can I do? Seal the edges of your bread dough properly. Also, I know it is tempting, but avoid overstuffing the bread with too much filling.

How To Store Fresh Potato Cheese Bread?

There’s nothing quite like enjoying this potato cheese bread fresh out of the oven. However, if you have leftovers and once the bread cools down completely, wrap it securely in cling film or place it in an airtight container. For optimum freshness, store it in the refrigerator.

When you’re ready for another bite, reheat it in the oven or microwave to recapture that freshly baked warmth and taste.

Best Potato Cheese Bread Recipe – Warm and Cheesy

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This potato cheese bread is truly something special. Loaded with creamy potato and stuffed with gooey cheese, it combines the best of both worlds. If you’re in the mood for a hearty treat that’s a twist on traditional bread, this recipe won’t disappoint.

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  • 1 room-temperature egg

  • 80 ml lukewarm milk

  • 4 grams of instant dry yeast

  • 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar

  • 200 grams of bread flour

  • 1 teaspoon of salt

  • 5 tablespoons of melted unsalted butter (plus a bit extra for brushing)

  • 2 boiled medium-sized potatoes

  • Grated mozzarella cheese (or Cheddar or Parmesan)

  • A pinch of salt and pepper

  • 4 tablespoons of heavy cream


  • In a mixing bowl, combine the egg and lukewarm milk.
  • Add the yeast, sugar and mix well.
  • Pour in the bread flour and salt. Stir until a dough forms.
  • Mix in the 5 tablespoons of melted butter, ensuring it’s not too hot.
  • Knead the dough until it’s smooth and the butter is fully integrated.
  • Cover with cling wrap or a kitchen towel and let it rise for about an hour or until it doubles in size.
  • For the potato filling, mash the boiled potatoes in a bowl. Season with salt, and pepper, and mix in the heavy cream.
  • Once the dough has risen, divide it into two equal parts. Roll each part into a ball.
  • On a floured surface, roll out one dough ball into a flat circle and place it on a parchment-lined baking tray.
  • Spread the creamy potato mixture over the dough, leaving a border around the edges. Sprinkle generously with grated mozzarella cheese.
  • Roll out the second dough ball and place it on top, aligning with the base. Seal the edges by pressing them together and tuck them under.
  • Let the filled dough rest under a kitchen towel for another 20 minutes.
  • Preheat your oven to 160°C or 320°F.
  • Before baking, brush the dough’s surface with some milk. For extra cheesy pockets, poke holes and stuff with bits of cheese, as you can see in the video below.
  • Bake for 30 minutes or until the top of the bread is golden brown.
  • Once out of the oven, brush the potato cheese bread with some melted butter and garnish with parsley if desired.
  • Enjoy while warm! The soft bread pairs brilliantly with the creamy potato filling and melted cheese, offering a heavenly bite each time.

Recipe Video


  • Potato Type: Use starchy potatoes like Russets or Yukon Gold for a creamier filling.
  • Cheese Choices: While mozzarella is a favorite due to its gooey nature, feel free to experiment with other cheeses like cheddar or provolone for a different flavor profile.
  • Yeast Test: Not sure if your yeast is fresh? Dissolve it in warm milk with a pinch of sugar. If it froths in 5-10 minutes, it’s good to use.
  • Warm Rise: Place your dough in a warm spot for a quicker rise.
  • Kneading: Don’t overdo it! Knead until smooth and elastic.
  • Taste Before: Sample your potato mix before using. Remember, cheese adds saltiness.
  • Get Creative: Consider extras like bacon bits or chives for added flavor.
  • Video Guide: Check out the video recipe for visual guidance.

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In a Nutshell

Loaded with creamy potato and generously stuffed with cheese, this potato cheese bread is more than just a treat—it’s a hearty, homemade indulgence. Dive in and savor every bite!

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  1. I tried out this potato cheese bread recipe, and let me tell you, it’s as amazing as it sounds! Mixing creamy potato with gooey cheese inside a warm, freshly baked bread is just next-level comfort food. The process was pretty straightforward, and that moment when you pull it out of the oven, golden brown and smelling divine, is just unbeatable. Serving it warm, with the cheese still melting inside, was a hit at my table. It’s a perfect blend of flavors and textures that I’d recommend to anyone looking for a hearty and delicious twist on traditional bread. Can’t wait to make it again!


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