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A balanced diet delivers much more than a slim waistline – it also protects from serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and stroke.

Unfortunately, modern diets are often dominated by unhealthy fats, refined sugars, and excess sodium and lack adequate fruit, vegetables, and dietary fiber. This often translates into poor health outcomes.

Benefits of Balanced Nutrition And Eating Healthy Foods

Nourishing the body adequately carries a multitude of benefits – and below are just some of them!

1. Improved Wellbeing

Consuming a suboptimal diet can reduce energy levels and negatively affect mental health – however, making positive changes in nutrition can reverse that. The Mental Health Foundation reports that over 60% of people who meet their fruit and vegetable requirements report excellent mental health. On the contrary, those who don’t consume enough of these food groups are more prone to health issues. A diet rich in essential fats, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals can make us feel much better, both physically and mentally.

2. It’s Expensive To Be Unhealthy

Approximately 75% of American adults are obese or overweight and need to lose weight. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that a healthy diet could reduce medical costs related to these issues by $71 billion annually. The savings could be even greater, as the estimate doesn’t account for diet-related illnesses other than coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and stroke. Way too much money is spent on something entirely preventable!

3. Increased Focus

Food affects the way the brain works – for instance, lack of glucose deprives the brain of the much-needed fuel, resulting in overall sluggishness and lack of focus. Too much fat and cholesterol can stimulate plaque production, which interferes with brain circulation, damaging the surrounding tissues and increasing the risk of stroke. A healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables helps nourish the body and stay focused. Check out these amazing brain-boosting foods here…

4. Better Mood

A lack of carbohydrates can cause tension and irritability, whereas sufficient carbohydrate intake promotes a better mood. An optimal combination of all 3 macro-nutrients has amazing effects on mood, supplying enough energy, omega-3 fatty acids, and iron. When picking food, be aware of your mood, as feeling sad or unhappy makes us more likely to pick unhealthy options, creating a vicious cycle. In contrast, happier people tend to reach for better food options.

5. Prolonged Life Span

Overeating is stressful for the body, mobilizing its resources to the point of stress. According to Columbia University researchers, obesity may be a cause of almost 20% of deaths among Americans, contributing to shorter life expectancy across the country. Eating less processed foods and keeping portions in check can help you live happier, healthier – and even longer! – life.

6. Reduced Risk of Chronic Disease

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, poor nutrition and excess weight are among the main factors for chronic diseases. Across all age groups, diabetes remains the main cause of kidney failure, vision impairment, and non-traumatic lower-extremity amputation. As eating habits are largely formed in childhood, teaching kids good nutrition skills are of utmost importance.

7. Gives You Energy

Our bodies are complex machines that can’t function without energy received from food. This energy is derived from carbohydrates, fats, and protein – and whole foods contain the best varieties of these nutrients. Wholegrains and starchy veggies are great sources of sustained energy from “slow” carbohydrates, protein-rich foods help build muscle tissue, and fats are essential for many metabolic processes.

In addition, some animal products are good sources of iron – and consumption of vitamin C and piperine simultaneously further improves absorption, preventing anemia.

8. Strong Immune System

Poor nutrition causes chronic inflammation and breaks the natural defense our immune system builds. A proper diet, including enough micro- and macronutrients, is essential for supporting a healthy immune system.

9. Delayed Ageing

Many nutritious foods such as tomatoes, avocados, berries, seafood, fermented foods, and nuts contain plenty of nutrients that nourish the skin from the inside, helping maintain youthful looks. For instance, foods high in vitamin C boost collagen production, increasing skin elasticity. Also, many fruit, veggies, and very nutritious superfoods are high in antioxidants, promoting cell regeneration.

10. Healthy Weight Maintenance

A balanced, nutritious diet incorporating recommended amounts of foods from all core food groups helps achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. In fact, a balanced, diverse diet paired with reasonable daily exercise is the only sustainable way to maintain optimal body mass whilst retaining good health.

The main purpose of food is nourishment, and it’s very important to make balanced choices. No need to give up your favorite foods – enjoy everything in moderation and keep trying new healthy recipes to control your body weight and keep diet-related health issues away. Logo
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