33 Foods That Help You Feel Full And Lose Weight

Want to burn more calories and lose weight without feeling hungry all the time? These 33 nutritious and weight loss-friendly foods can help you reduce cravings, make you feel full, energized, and satisfied longer.

Check out these foods below that help you prevent hunger, eat less, and stay full throughout the day.

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Losing weight generally means cutting back on your food consumption. This, of course, initially leads to feelings of hunger, a hunger that most diets succumb to within 7 days of starting.

However, there’s a solution you’ll be glad to know and one that can suppress your appetite without you eating more. Consuming certain foods will trigger appetite sensors in your brain and indicate that you are full.

Inside your stomach resides a hormone called ghrelin. This ‘hunger hormone’ is secreted into your stomach as it becomes empty. As the ghrelin enters your stomach, it signals to the brain that you need food. [1]

At the other end of the scale is Leptin; this operates in the same way as Grehlin, but the message is telling your brain that you are full. [2]

A woman turning down food

In the same way that you can become insensitive to insulin, you can also lose your sensitivity to Leptin. As a result, your brain is not receiving the signal to switch off your appetite, and you carry on eating well past ‘full’.

This is when you need something to reduce the hunger-causing effects of Ghrelin.

Some of the same things that cause insulin resistance (excess sugar, high-calorie foods, protein deficiency) can also adversely affect your brain’s appetite sensors.

But, there are plenty of foods that can have a reversing effect, helping you improve your overall hunger management.

To do this and even tone that belly while you’re at it, try one of these 33 appetite-suppressing foods that make you feel full:

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1. Almonds For Skinny Snackers


Almonds are rich in antioxidants, magnesium, and vitamin E. They are also beneficial in the feeling of fullness that they will leave you with. Start snacking on these today to get an immediate appetite suppressant.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help Stop Junk Food Cravings

apple cider vinegar

The high acetic acid content of Apple Cider Vinegar has been shown to slow down the sugar release into the bloodstream and delay the emptying of gastric fluid. 

Adding a couple of tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar to a high-carbohydrate meal reduces the associated rise in blood sugar levels by 34%. 

Apple Cider Vinegar is also used in many weight-loss vinaigrette and additive-free dressings. 

3. Apples Are Filled With Soluble Fiber And Pectin

orchard apple trees

All kinds of apples are good for suppressing your hunger because of several factors. First off, the high levels of fiber and pectin in apples help give you the feeling of being full.

Next, eating apples helps regulate your glucose levels and gives you increased energy.

Finally, to eat an apple, you have to chew it a lot. This slows down your eating, giving your body plenty of time to work out so that you aren’t hungry anymore.

A fresh, crisp, crunchy apple also tastes great! 

4. Avocados – A Natural Appetite Suppressant


Avocados are packed with fiber and monounsaturated fat, a fat that is actually very good for your heart. This fat in avocados sends a signal to your brain, telling it you are no longer hungry. Moderate consumption of avocados will keep your hunger cravings at bay.

5. Barley – Dietary Fibers That Make It Extra Filling

Cooked barley

It may be heavy in carbohydrates, but this nutritious grain is also a naturally occurring appetite suppressor. This is because the dietary fiber in barley comes together in a unique pattern, giving it an extra-filling quality.

Research in this subject was conducted using individuals who were given bread made from barley, which they had to eat with each of their meals for 3 days. [3]

Results showed that the subjects experienced higher levels of appetite control. Generally, there was an increase in satiety among the subjects and an overall unwillingness to eat. 

Other beneficial side effects were a boost in their metabolism for up to 14 hours and decreased levels of blood sugar and insulin.

The two types of fiber in barley are beta-glucans and arabinoxylans. When these enter your gut, they are metabolized by bacteria that live there. This metabolism results in an increase in hormones that regulate your appetite.

You can consume your barley in many ways: barley soup, barley cereal, or as a replacement for rice in your pilaf or risotto.

Here is an easy way to cook barley in a rice cooker.

6. Boiled Potatoes Can Shuts Off Your Hunger Hormones

boiled potatoes

Potatoes may have come in for some bad press recently due to the popularity of low-carb diets, but they are great when it comes to fighting off hunger attacks.

Simply boiling your potatoes is probably the healthiest way you can eat them. If you find this a little dull, there are plenty of ways you can perk them up, adding a little butter, for instance.

To maximize their appetite-suppressing quality, you should let them cool in your fridge. This will allow them to crystallize into resistant starch, which takes longer to digest and gives you more prolonged appetite suppression.

7. Cayenne Pepper – Burn Calories And Curb Your Appetite

Cayenne Peppers

You can boost your metabolism with just half a teaspoon of this stuff. It will not only help you suppress your appetite, but it will also burn an extra 10 calories for free! 

If you’re new to spicy foods, taking Cayenne Pepper twice a day with lunch and dinner will have you cutting back 60 calories from your next meal.

If you keep that up for one month, you will have lost 4 pounds with zero effort.

If you are not into spicy food, it is probably best to take it in capsule form. 

Check out Cayenne Extract on Amazon.

8. Chili Powder Keeps Hunger Pangs At Bay

Chili Powder

It’s not just your pepper that will help; chili powder will do the same. The spicy element in chili is called Capsaicin, and this is what gets your metabolism going. [4]

One-quarter of a teaspoon with each meal will significantly boost your appetite suppressors. 

9. Cinnamon Could Help You Shed Those Pounds Faster

A sprinkle of cinnamon on your cereal, fruit, or oatmeal, or even stirred into your coffee, will help keep your blood sugar levels down. This aids in suppressing your appetite and feel full longer.

This is undoubtedly one of the most delicious ways to keep your hunger under control.

Here is a full list of clever ideas on how you can add more cinnamon to your diet.

10. Coffee Is Shown To Reduce Appetite And Promote Weight Loss

cup of coffee

Drinking too much coffee, as you probably know, is not great for your health. But enjoying coffee in moderation can have its benefits.

Also, to balance out some of the adverse effects of coffee and still get a boost of creative energy and a feeling of fullness, try drinking coffee mixed with mushrooms like Chaga, Lion’s Mane, or Reishi.

Caffeine can help increase your metabolic rate and give you increased appetite suppression.

11. Dark Chocolate Will Help Curb Sweet Tooth Cravings

Dark Chocolate

If, or rather when, you get that chocolate craving, your best option for appetite suppression is to nibble on some that have at least 85% cocoa.

The bitter taste of dark chocolate triggers sensors in your brain, telling it to suppress your appetite. It also helps slow down your digestive system, making you feel fuller for longer. 

You can take the edge off dark chocolate’s bitterness by eating it with some sugarless black coffee. That will release the sweetness of the chocolate.

Studies have found that dark chocolate has many other benefits. Participants of the studies consumed around 18% fewer calories per meal, having eaten some dark chocolate. [5]

12. Eggs Are High On The Satiety Scale, Which Means Feeling of Fullness For Longer

boiled eggs

The power of an egg comes from its protein. Having an egg or two for breakfast will leave you well-defended in your fight against hunger. The protein you get from an egg should be enough to see you safely through to lunchtime. 

Also, research into the subject has concluded that consuming a high amount of protein at breakfast can result in you having less throughout the day.

Check out this guide: How to choose healthy eggs.

13. Flax Seeds Will Reduce Hunger And Make You Feel Fuller Faster

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds provide you with a good appetite suppressor and a good source of fuel. They are made up of a mixture of essential fatty acids and soluble fiber – a healthy and nutritional blend.

Flax seeds are convenient and quick to consume and an easy addition to yogurt, cereals, or smoothies.

Try Milled Flaxseed powder, as this will mix best if you add it to your smoothies or protein shakes.

Here is a good selection of Ground Flaxseed Powders on Amazon.

14. Ginger Can Enhance Calorie Burn And Reduce Feelings Of Hunger

Raw ginger

Ginger has been widely used for hundreds of years due to its digestive qualities. It can be consumed in so many different ways, from smoothies to curry dishes. 

Ginger helps control your appetite, energizes your body, and improves your digestion. Ginger also is high in antioxidants, can lower cholesterol, and can help reduce gastric secretions.

Ginger can easily be added to your diet as a food or taken as a drink in the form of tea.

15. Green Leafy Vegetables – Perfect For a Weight Loss Diet

Green Leafy Vegetables

Like Grandma always said, “Make sure you eat your Greens.” Now I’m not too sure if Grandma was aware of appetite suppression, but she knew her food.

Green veg is both nutritional and will keep you feeling full for a long time. Kale, spinach, and broccoli all contain plenty of fiber to stave off your hunger.

If you absolutely dislike eating a vegetable or just don’t have time to cook them, I have made a list of interesting foods you can get in powdered form

Now you can easily add vegetables to your shakes and smoothies without any cooking or blending.

16. Matcha Green Tea Is Full Of Catechins To suppress Hunger

matcha green tea

Another hormone that gives you the feeling of being full is Cholecystokinin (CCK). One of the nutrients in Matcha Green Tea, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), causes a rise in CCK.

This means that the more Matcha Green Tea you drink, the more of an appetite-suppressing hormone you will get. Of course, you should drink it in moderation.

EGCG also gives you a boost to your metabolism, so you are getting twice the weapons to fight your weight loss battle.

For around 2-4 hours after drinking Matcha, you will experience appetite suppression. Over a more extended period, if you take Green Tea regularly, you will also have other benefits.

Improved fat burning and prevention of excess fat storage are two of the longer-term advantages of this drink.

You can also consume your EGCG in the form of green tea extract when making a cup of tea isn’t convenient.  

17. Halibut Can Do Wonders For Your Weight Loss Goals

Cooked Halibut

Fish is a great healthy eating option in many ways. In the case of suppression of appetite, the high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, particularly found in Halibut, help the full-feeling hormone, Leptin, communicate with the brain more efficiently.

In the league of appetite-suppressing foods, Halibut ranks second, with only boiled potatoes having better results.

Halibut’s success can be attributed to its high protein content and the hunger-curbing hormone, Serotonin. Tryptophan produces serotonin, which is high in Halibut’s protein makeup.

Halibut also is a great source of Methionine, which reduces genes associated with obesity and insulin resistance.

18. Hot Sauce Can Take The Edge Off Your Hunger 

hot sauce

I’ve already applauded the contribution of Cayenne and Chili for their efforts in suppressing your appetite.

Well, hot sauces, in general, all deserve some appreciation. You can have a sprinkle of hot sauce with pretty much anything to keep you feeling full for longer.

19. Nuts Will Increase Feelings of Fullness

Different nuts

Snacking on nuts can also provide you with appetite-suppressing feelings and cause you to eat less and feel more full.

The British Journal of Nutrition found that a study of obese women who included a mere 1.5 ounces of peanuts with their breakfast of cereal and orange juice felt fuller for a whole 12 hours more than a similar group eating a similar breakfast without the nuts. [6]

How does this work? Nuts have plenty of healthy unsaturated fats, protein, and fiber; 3 of the things that, when combined, help keep you really full and satisfied.  

20. Oatmeal Will Increase The Appetite-Regulating Hormone


According to the American College of Nutrition, compared to having a cereal breakfast, one that includes oatmeal will keep you fuller for longer. In their study, subjects were served a 250-calorie breakfast of either cereal or oatmeal along with 113 calories of milk.

Those whose breakfast contained the oatmeal stayed satisfied for much longer, experienced a reduced hunger level, and had a lower desire to eat than those on the cereal breakfast.

Oatmeal has a higher protein and fiber content than cereal. It also has more heart-friendly properties than cereal due to its high proportion of beta-glucan sugars.

Check out my full guide: How to choose the best oats for your oatmeal

21. Oysters Are Full Of Mineral That Works With Leptin To Regulate Your Appetite


Leptin, your appetite-suppressing hormone, is assisted in its work by the mineral zinc. One of the best food sources of zinc is oysters, so eating 6 of these little mollusks will help you do a good appetite-suppressing job.

Also, that amount will only notch up a tiny 43 calories – what a great low-cal snack!

22. Pickles Can Reduce Sugar Levels And Help Fight Carb Cravings

Fermented pickles

Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA) strengthen communications between your gut and your brain. SCFAs help to increase the production of hormones responsible for sending appetite signals to your brain.

Pickled and other fermented foods tend to be high in SCFAs as well as in probiotics – healthy, digestive-aiding bacteria.

23. Rooibos Tea Can Reduce Stress Hormones That Triggers Fat Storage And Hunger

rooibos tea

Rooibos Tea is a unique drink that has its origins in a small area of South Africa called Cederberg.

It comes from the Red Bush and contains a flavonoid called Aspalathin, which can reduce your hunger-causing stress hormones. 

Here are some other herbal teas that many people have found to be quite useful when it comes to weight loss.

24. Salad Is Well Know To Promote Satiety

Mixed salad

If you want to get a head-start on signaling your brain that you are full, consider pecking on a small salad before your main meal. The signaling process of informing your brain takes around 20 minutes, so eating a light salad starts this countdown.

By the time you start to eat your main course, your brain is already anticipating the I’m full signal. So, there is no delay that would allow you to overeat without your brain being aware of it. 

25. Salmon – One Of The Most Nutritious Foods On The Planet


Like the Halibut I’ve already mentioned above, Salmon will give you a whole load of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids, increasing Leptin in your system.

By now, of course, you know that Leptin is your appetite-suppressing hormone.

26. Sourdough Bread Had A Very Low Glycemic Response

sourdough bread

If you are on a diet, you will probably be sick of hearing people tell you how bad bread is for your weight loss. And, yes, generally, they are right. 

However, sourdough bread contains bacteria and ‘living’ yeast that helps in the bread’s fermentation process.

Lactic acids produced by these bacteria help regulate your blood sugar levels, removing the spikes that cause your hunger pangs.

A Swedish study into the effect of eating sourdough bread found that blood sugar levels were more efficiently regulated by about 30% more for people who ate sourdough with their breakfast than those who ate regular bread. [7]

If you don’t own a bread machine but want to make sourdough bread at home, check out my full guide to the best bread makers.

27. Sweet Potatoes Contains High Amounts Of Fiber And Potassium

Sweet potatoes contain a certain type of starch that is resistant to the enzymes in your digestive system. This allows sweet potatoes to remain in your stomach for longer and so extend the period of time that you will feel full.

28. Tofu Is Considered A Complete Protein, And It Keeps You Feeling Full Longer

bean curd

Tofu is a source of protein that comes from plants. It is well known and popular within the vegetarian community but also has utility beyond this group. 

Tofu is rich in isoflavone, Genistein. Genistein is a powerful appetite suppressor, helping you to reduce your food consumption.

Tofu can be introduced into your diet in a whole host of ways – simply replace the meat content in the recipe for tofu!

29. Vegetable Juice – A tall Glass Of Juice Will Keep You Full Until Lunch

Juice of vegetables

Juicing your vegetables is one way of ensuring you can get your ‘5-A-Day’, but it is also a great way to fill you up.

Drinking vegetable juice before a meal will have you consuming around 130 fewer calories with each meal – that’s a considerable saving.

If you are a bit adventurous and want to try out new trends, then you should try Sauerkraut Juice. 

Check out my full article about Sauerkraut Juice and how much to drink to get some fantastic benefits.

30. Vegetable Soup Contain Lots Of Fiber To Helps You Feel Full And Satisfied

vegetable soup

As above, vegetable soup will give you the same hunger-stopping benefits. Warm soup means that you can benefit from the appetite-suppressing qualities of vegetables, even in the Winter.

Check out these 13 nutritious detox soup recipes that are great for weight loss.

31. Wasabi Will Tame Your Appetite


Like its Chilli and Cayenne counterparts, the spiciness of Wasabi will suppress your hunger for longer. Also, as Wasabi is often eaten with healthy fish, you are likely to have other weight loss benefits linked to its consumption.

32. Water – Drinking It Before Meals Can Help You Feel Fuller

woman drinking water

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest ones. This is the case with drinking water. When you feel an attack of hunger coming on, simply drink a glass of water and wait 10 minutes. You will notice that your defenses have held up against hunger’s attempt to overrun you. 

Water will keep you hydrated; not enough of it will leave you with low energy, poor judgment, and a bad mood.

It will also keep you from eating too much. A 2014 study concluded that people who drank a glass of water before a meal were likely to consume fewer calories per meal. This could be down to the water partially filling your stomach and, therefore, you want a smaller portion of food. [8]

33. Whey Protein Can Prevent Overeating And Snacking Between Meals

A scoop of whey protein powder

Whey is one of the two proteins contained in milk and is one of the most filling proteins you will find.

A report published in the Clinical Nutrition Espen claims that people who drink Whey protein can put off eating for a much longer term compared to those who consume a similar carbohydrate-based drink. [9]

Whey protein and meal replacement shakes are popular drinks among fitness and weight loss groups.

So, there you have it; 33 feel-full-food options for you to choose from. Which one of these appetite-suppressing foods will you try to make you feel fuller?

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  1. I am trying to lose a good 60 pounds. It has crept up on me over the last 7 years and being nearly 200 pounds it’s not something I enjoy! This is a great list. I was shocked that I didn’t see olives on the list but avocados are on it. A friend of mine recently recommended eating a can of black olives when I want to snack on something because they are high in healthy fats and really fill you up. Is there a reason this would be a bad idea for weight loss?

  2. Some people feel fuller longer when they eat foods that are high in fat and come from animals, like steak or cheese. These foods take longer to digest than foods that are high in fiber, like vegetables or beans, which are not good for you anyway. It is for sure that people who eat fatty, animal-based foods may feel full for a longer period of time after eating than people who eat foods that are high in fiber.

  3. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best foods to lose weight vary depending on your individual needs and goals. But the best options are keto and carnivore diets, as these foods will keep you full for the longest.

  4. I love eating lots of healthy foods that help me feel full and lose weight. However, the other day I found myself overeating unhealthy junk food, and now I’m feeling really bloated and sluggish. Please, anyone, what should I do now?

  5. A recent study has shown that you need to eat high-fat foods if you want to stay full longer. This is great news for people who love fatty foods! However, it’s not so great news for people who are trying to lose weight.


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